Acehnese Traditional Food


Kuah Beulangong is a hearty, communal curry that is a staple at Acehnese celebrations and gatherings. This robust dish, often made with tender chunks of beef or goat, is simmered in a rich, spicy broth infused with local spices, coconut milk, and aromatic herbs. Its complex flavors and thick, satisfying texture make Kuah Beulangong a beloved centerpiece of Aceh’s traditional cuisine, showcasing the region’s rich culinary traditions and communal spirit.


Sie Reuboh is a quintessential Acehnese dish that marries succulent meat with a tangy, spicy broth, embodying the bold flavors of the region. The dish features tender beef or goat marinated and simmered with an aromatic blend of local spices, vinegar, and chilies, creating a rich and flavorful stew. Perfect for those who crave a taste of traditional Aceh, Sie Reuboh offers a mouthwatering experience that reflects the culinary heritage of Aceh.


Mie Aceh is a distinctive noodle dish from Aceh, stir-fried with a blend of aromatic spices, chili, and a choice of seafood or meat. Garnished with crispy fried shallots and Muling crackers, Mie Aceh offers a savory flavor that makes it a must-try dish for anyone seeking the authentic taste of Acehnese cuisine.


Kue Bhoi is a charming Acehnese sponge cake, traditionally baked in shapes of fish, star, flower molds, adding a luscious touch to its delightful taste. Light and airy, this cake is often enjoyed during festive occasions and as a daily treat. It is one of the items in the gift package brought by the bride (Darabaro) for the groom (called Lintoe) during the wedding ceremony. Made from simple ingredients like flour, eggs, and sugar, Kue Bhoi captures the essence of Acehnese hospitality and tradition in every bite, making it a sweet symbol of the region’s culinary heritage.


Timphan is a beloved traditional snack in Aceh, cherished for its unique texture and sweet filling. This delicacy is made from a dough of glutinous rice flour and banana, steamed to perfection and filled with a luscious mixture of sweetened coconut or custard apple. Wrapped in banana leaves, Timphan is not only a delicious treat but also a nostalgic reminder of home and family gatherings, embodying the warmth and sweetness of Acehnese culture.


Rujak Aceh is a refreshing and zesty fruit salad that offers a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors. This traditional Acehnese dish combines a variety of fresh fruits with a bold dressing made from tamarind, palm sugar, and chilies. Rujak Aceh is a testament to the region’s ability to turn simple ingredients into a delightful culinary experience.


These sweet cake are typically made from a combination of wheat flour or grated cassava with coconut milk, sugar, and eggs, resulting in a soft and chewy texture with a hint of cassava flavor.


Keumamah is one of the traditional culinary of Acehnese people made from fish, namely tuna, skipjack and tuna. Keumamah is also known as wooden fish because it is hard like wood. This fish is preserved by several manufacturing processes. Starting from cleaning the fish, boiling, drying and storage. Because of this, keumamah can be stored for years as long as it is kept dry or not damp.


Kuah pliek u has been a favorite food of the Acehnese people since ancient times. The name kuah pliek u is taken from one of the basic spices in making this food, namely pliek u or better known as patarana. Pliek u itself is the leftover coconut oil that has been squeezed out. In rural Aceh, this coconut oil is usually used as cooking oil called minyeuk reutik. Meanwhile, the residue or pulp is dried in the sun and made into pliek u. Pliek u is then used by the community as the basic seasoning for pliek u soup.


Asam Udeung is a vibrant and tangy shrimp dish that captures the essence of Acehnese cuisine. Fresh shrimp are simmered in a zesty tamarind sauce, enriched with local spices and herbs. The combination of sour and spicy flavors creates a refreshing and appetizing seafood dish, perfect for pairing with steamed rice.


Ayam Tangkap is an Acehnese dish made from chicken fried with Acehnese herbs and spices.The habit of eating ayam tangkap has become part of the Acehnese culture. Processing this chicken is not difficult, namely only by frying it after previously being seasoned so that it is savory when eaten. The spices used include garlic, pepper, candlenut, salt, and ginger. After seasoning, the chicken is then fried for about 5-10 minutes.

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